7 Deadly Sins Annoying Things in Facebook

7 Deadly Sins Annoying Things in Facebook


All of us must know Facebook. Yes, especially you who read this post. Well, maybe not all, but I’m pretty sure that most of the people already know about this social networking site. What don’t you feel that sometimes Facebook is getting annoying these days. How so? I’ll tell you why. This is my list of 7 deadly sins annoying things in Facebook:

  1. Too much status update from the same person

Do you have a friend who likes to update his or her status constantly? I’m not talking about at least one a day; I’m talking about once every five minutes!! They are usually talking about gibberish – nonsense words or sentence. For example they would make status of where they are, what they’re doing. Let me show you some examples:

07:20 = Let’s start the day^^ Good morning everybody…

07:40 = I’m still sleepy. I don’t want to leave this bed :3 But I must go to college

07:45 = hmm.. what should I wear today?

This person will continue on updating status until the end of the day…

22:00 = Gud nite.. Sweet dream >_<

2. Talking about people behind their back (or behind facebook status)

You must have seen this kind of facebook status on your wall, right? These people are talking about another. They use their status update instead of talking it straightly to the people they meant. I know that not all that we want to say about people, we can say it directly. But without mentioning names about what or who they meant, we would already know it. Also, the people talked about must know it too. So, why bother being sarcastic while the people talked about already know it? So, obviously what comes next is the “payback” status update. The people talked about must feel anger, and so make another status to reply the person (still, sarcastically). This cycle feels like ne–ver ending, isn’t it?

3. Show off about love life, money, and problem

There are some people who like to make a status about how great their life is. They like showing off their relationship. For instance the status would sound like = “luph u, honey…>_< @boy/girl friend’s name”. They would engage in wall to wall with flirty words. In Indonesia we usually use say, yank, yang, cimi, phibi, aiank etc. Hellooooo, don’t you say that’s too personal? Well, maybe these people don’t feel it’s enough that they’re just the ones who know about their loving relationship. They want the world to know their existence.

For money show off, they may post their status when they are in overseas, being with someone famous, etc. They may have a picture with some luxury cars, maybe in luxury hotels, at the airport, etc. Anyway, it’s really annoying seeing those people showing off their stuffs.

For problem show off, there are some people who like to say that he/she is the most miserable people in the whole universe. They would make a status about they being sick, family problem, relationship problem, etc. The point is they usually is being negative all the time. It’s bothering me, as I see this kind of status. There was a friend of mine, that updated her status every ten minutes or so, with the same content, that she is sick! I think she’s exaggerating how sick she is, maybe looking for attention, like she’s going to die in a matter of day. Sigh. . .For people who post their problem, they expose their secrets freely and without any close connection we can see their WHOLE life. There was a time when someone that I didn’t know well(friend on Facebook) posted this kind of status, let’s say her name is “Pea”. Then I confirm the truth to my very close friend about the problem, let’s say her name is “Peanut”. When I ask the truth about the problem to Peanut, she denied it and wonder how can I possibly know. I was thinking like, “Hellloooo, Facebook??” Anyway, I end up knowing about Pea’s life(not that I wan to know) whether I like it or not.

4. What’s happening on twitter APPARENTLY also on facebook

What I mean is, there are people who connect their facebook into twitter account. And what the result is, their action mentioning whoever-that-is, appear on Facebook wall. I personally have a brother who does this, and I don’t even know what he’s talking about. Hell, I don’t even care, but it’s making my wall full of unnecessary things!

5. Random Tagging

I get very annoyed when another people tag me for their product. Yes, they sell things on Facebook by tagging our name and hope that we will buy their stuff. Let’s say they use Facebook as a promotion. Our pictures will not be a face anymore; it will be phone, cosmetic product, clothing, and electronic. Then, what happen to MY real face? Oh, it goes a little bit down there, I need to scroll it down. Not to mention random and inappropriate pictures are tagged into us.

6. Exaggerated Facebook Names

Facebook are meant to connect with our friends. But we can’t deny that there are some people exaggerate their names to make it look interesting (I’ll say weird). Some of their names are NOT even name! For example, one of my friend’s name ‘cllalucaiankdya’, ’andrekesepianmenunggumu’. Some of these names are even making the image of the people even more stupid.

7. Spamming

It’s quite common for people to comment unimportant saying just to let other know they’re there. When I want to read my friend’s status comment, I lost my mood as I see soooo many comments, usually unrelated with the status itself.

The point is, using Facebook is okay. But just don’t exaggerate it, or even more do the seven deadly sins annoying I mentioned earlier. These people should consider internet ethics, not to bother other internet users. What I do, when I see people like that is simply just ‘unfriend’ them. I do this so that their action won’t set my teeth on the edge again. This way I don’t have to commit to any more sin that I can possibly done. :p

What would you do when you see these annoying facebook users?

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