The Sky Scribbler

Originally by Abmi Handayani

Extended Version by Fransisca Amelia

 Dark Sky

The morning starts with a new blank page in the sky. There are no signs of the wind as the morning Sun arises. Though the clouds are so sad, looks so gloomy it might burst into tears in a few moments.

“Ah, what a boring day. Where is she?” asked Dayu to the sad clouds. Still as the Sun, those clouds give no answer; only begin to soak into tears. Then rain starts pouring down the mother earth, awaking sleepy soul with its sound.

“Humph!”, The only word that comes out from Dayu. It looks like she won’t be replied by the clouds. Dayu doesn’t ask no more. It is now the time for her to scribble the sky.

The Sun can’t see Dayu clearly. Of course, The Sun is covered and blocked by the clouds, the rain. But The Sun does its best to let Dayu scribble the sky. The Sun tries to blow on the clouds to go away. The Sun commands the lightning to stop. Dayu smiles for the sky are ready to be scribbled. Though not many spaces are available, here she goes again:

            ‘the feel of heaven came down

            As she puts ultimate weapon of love

            Strike every heart thirsty

            Craving for more taste of love’

Dayu doesn’t like sad clouds in the sky. Dayu comfort them so there will be no more rain for the day. Dayu takes white-color pen for the clouds. The clouds are no longer dark now. They see no reason to cry anymore. Dayu may not see it, but the clouds shows a glimmer of smile in their face. They don’t feel so sad anymore. The Sky is painted with more warm color.


“That’s it!” cried Dayu. Her mother is already down the stairs, calling Dayu to hurry up. That morning starts with a dark sky but not anymore because of Dayu. Dayu is a nice sky scribbler.

Sitting in the class, Dayu is thinking about the touch of heavenly taste on her lips. Dayu would close her eyes to feel it again, the soft pink lips that meet each other. “Where is my angel?” Dayu accidentally speak.

“What did you say? Angel?” asks the lecturer. Dayu didn’t know that mind can fool someone; sometimes the mind wants to speak out loud.

“Oh! Sorry, Ma’am. Never mind”, said Dayu. The lecturer decides to continue the class after being distracted by Dayu. The day feel so boring as Dayu’s wonder of the angel carry on. The classes are finally over. Dayu starts running. There is one particular place that she wants to go to.

The Sun looks at Dayu with wonder. Dayu is already at her destination. It was a beautiful-green field with high fences on each side. There is a big-old tree at one corner of the field. Dayu lay down under the tree, staring at the sky. Dayu is not going to scribble this time. Dayu is looking for the angel in the sky.

“Looking for the angel?” the Sun asks.

“Yeah! You know where she is?” asks Dayu.

“Scribble the sky, Dayu. She will appear before you know it”, said the Sun.

To meet the angel is all Dayu wants. If scribble the sky can make my angel comes, then I will scribble the sky for her. Another poem for you, my pretty angel:

‘the meeting of two’s

Indeed from a different world

Yet they are the same

As they want nothing

But the heart shared together’

            Dayu close her eyes, ready for the angel to appear. But it’s now the time for the Moon to chase the Sun. The Sun must go as it is time for the Moon to accompany Dayu. Dayu is still laying on the field, alone in the dark, only lighted by the Moon and the Stars.

Suddenly, a bright and warm light lands on Dayu’s vision.

Angels in the sky

“My angel!”, cried Dayu. A big smile seen on Dayu’s face just as the angel is coming closer to her. Spot tears of joy are in the corner of Dayu’s eyes.

The angel flies to Dayu’s side. She whispers to Dayu’s ears. Dayu nods head; this time tears are starting to flow, one can tell it’s not from joy. The Angel gives something and places it to Dayu’s little hands. The angel hugs Dayu whole-heartedly then flies away up to the sky. Between the stars and to the Moon, the angel flies.

Dayu now sits with the tree behind her back. Dayu wipe her tears and pat on her face. Once more Dayu close her eyes and give a long and smooth sigh. It’s time for Dayu to go home.

Sitting on the bed, Dayu stares at the thing that the lovely Angel gives. It’s a notebook, only it is so special. It has no physical form like any other notebook. Dayu looks at the sky while writing on her new notebook, it’s enough just by saying it out loud in the heart then Dayu will find the words on the notebook.


~The End~


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christifa
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 00:47:47

    wow, I really wanna meet an Angel. the idea to have a wing and fly into the sky, was really nice :DDDDD


    • Sisca
      Mar 23, 2012 @ 15:40:43

      haha… aside from the story,, there are actually male angels, you know… if an angel usually believed as girls(commonly) but there are actually male angel!! You want to meet one of them? you can find them, maybe using a wing… Anyway, I believe in angel, and they are actually always on our side, we just can’t see them 😀


  2. Incem
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 11:16:46

    So, the ending…she keeps in her own hallucination…perhaps she needs a psychiatrist..Lol x x x
    poor Dayu!
    by the way I love the way you arranged the words! really soft and and enjoyable to read..
    the illustrations bring me to Dayu’s world…dreamy!


    • siscamelia
      Mar 23, 2012 @ 15:33:24

      yeah, you can take it that way.. The point is, the can’ and shan’t be together.. Dayu takes it the hard way at first, but eventually she can accept it.. I’m glad that you like it 😀 I try to be poetic and that’s the result.. I love writing sooo much >_<


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