Have you GOOGLE your Name?


Google is used commonly and widely used in internet area. People nowadays are familiar with this super-engine-tool. When we are trying to browse about something, probably the first thing we want to do is to type www.google.com. Then we will get so many links that are related to our search. As a student myself, I find Google is very useful for me to browse about the material that I am assigned to.

There are several kinds of Google search engine area. These areas are divided into search, images, maps, play, Gmail, documents, calendar, translate, books, etc. One shouldn’t doubt that this is one of the BEST breakthroughs in World Wide Web. One can’t deny that this is really important in our life. To say more about this, I know my life is depend on Google, I wouldn’t be able to finish my assignment, find interesting stuff, news, gossip, or anything else that I wonder about without this tool.

I tried to Google my name. This time, I get so many results that are not exactly related to me. Sadly, my name is quite common. (T_T). But here’s the thing; with more patients, I get my information from Google! Even about things that I consider private are there. Well, it’s thanks to social network service that I signed to. Private information is so free-to-take these days.

So, what are CRAZY things that you can get from browsing your name?

1. Information on people with exactly the same name as us.

If you’re one of the people with common names, it’s no wonder that these people will pop out your computer screen first. What I get from mine is people with ‘similar’ names with me. So, I add quotation mark to make the search accurate. For example, if your name is Icha, then type it into “Icha”.

Aside from that, don’t you wonder about the people share exactly the same name as yours? Then do it, Google your name if you’re curious! They may be a public figure, who knows?

2. Achievements

I know when your achievements are there, on the Internet for everyone-to-see, you must get proud or happy.  Let’s say, you were a champion for a singing competition. It can definitely raise your popularity. Rock on!

3. History

It may be not so interesting, as they are usually your birth, school, work that you have done. However, there’s nothing wrong in knowing that we exist in the universe. Not to mention that this will come in handy when you are looking for jobs. Our future employer may browse about us to find out the truth from our CV( Curriculum Vitae). Who knows, maybe one day we will have our own published biography, right?

4. Debts

Whoa, you have unfinished business?? If no, then just relax. I don’t have one though, at least from the Google search engine. I just tried to Google my father’s name and there goes my answer. Hee-hee-hee

Last months or so, I tried Google my friend’s name and I get unexpected results! Apparently her parents are so famous and I don’t recognize that until that very day. Amazing, isn’t it?!

So, have you tried Google your name? What results do you get?

Add my list if you have insights^^


6 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. juwari91
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 06:43:01

    I think I should try… he.. he..


  3. kangbowo105
    Mar 29, 2012 @ 01:08:55

    googling my own name makes me pause in silence for about 10 seconds. @_@a



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