You Can’t Handle the Truth

Have you ever heard of this expression? I have, for the first time in my life. It was when I watched this movie called “A Few Good Men”. This dialogue was spoken by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. This expression really makes me think. Would I want people to tell me the truth frankly?? For a second I thought, “why not?” And then as I think about it over and over again I realize that we can’t handle it. In fact if everyone is honest they would kill themselves. I should remind everyone who read this note not to stop in the middle of the note, well; you should finish it and you’ll get the point.

                We live in a world of sin, one of which is lie. We only want to hear good news and only accept great things for our own satisfaction. It just set my teeth on edge knowing that people are talking behind our back. I know I have, I did, and I like to. But now as I grew older, I didn’t say grew more mature, ‘cause that will sound not right, I realize that I shouldn’t do that. I know I felt hurt hearing them talking behind my back. Or you can say, knowing about the truth. Image

I should remind myself that I shouldn’t be a mockingbird. No one should. Do you know what a mockingbird is? It’s a bird who loves to sing their heart out. They are said to be the symbol of innocence. They are cute and pleasant to be with. One of itsweaknesses is that it is very tame. It can easily be killed. So, what’s it have something to do with us? I’m saying don’t be a mockingbird? How come? Well, a mocking bird is by nature easy to destroy. They can’t harm other, but when other hurt them, they will be easily destroyed. It’s the same thing as a child. A child’s innocence often set them on danger. They are not ready when evil come and eventually get hurt. I was a mocking bird once, recently. I get hurt because I wasn’t ready getting hurt. This time, it’s the truth that serves as evil. I cried and cried but yet it won’t heal my heart. I can’t depend on time to heal it either.

“Time will heal everything”—this is BULLSHIT. Time won’t heal my heart unless I try to. I would be in darkness unless I try to find a light. I can’t be a mockingbird. I can’t shout out loud that I am dark and do nothing. Instead I should try to heal my wound and find the light. This I try to tell   everybody who feel they are so broken and in a dark place. I’ve been there; in fact I have this dark spot in my heart. Everybody has a secret right?? What makes it difference is there are people who can hide it better or not.

Get out of the dark when you feel you’re there. Don’t EVER feel you’re alone. You’re NOT! Do you know what you have but you don’t seem to joyful of?? It’s family. That’s right, I’m saying this because I have hurt, knowing the truth in my family. I was broken that time, I cried when I was alone in my contract  house, back then when this problem started. “Nothing’s change when you do nothing to make a difference” – Fransisca. Family are supposed to make you suffer. Family is supposed to make you miserable. Your mother is supposed to yell at you whether you are right or wrong. Your father is supposed to give you less than you wanted. Your brother is supposed to be overprotective when you who are going out with a boy. Your sister is supposed to watch and take care of your problem whether you like it or not. So deal with it, and you’ll be fine. After all, who make who you are? Who raised and nurtured you? Who will always be there when you need them?

                I’m thankful that I have this family despite of the bricks on the wall is cracking, ready to kill when it fall on you. It’s just so sad not little of us hate our family. Maybe they have their own reason. But hey, then I look at my family and I can say, “There are worse families, worse than mine”.Yes, the truth about mine maybe approach to the surface and it IS for sure. All I can do is be prepared for it. I won’t be a mockingbird again, destroyed only because of my innocence. I’m not saying that I’m innocent though, I’m just saying that



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