To Kill a Mockingbird, the Best Novel of the Century

To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel written by Harper Lee. This novel was first published in 1960 by J. B. Lippincott and was written around mid 1950s in New York City.
The author of the novel is Harper Lee. She is an American author well-known for this novel. Despite this novel is her only published book, it took a great success as it won Pulitzer-Prize shortly after the publication. When Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird, her home state of Alabama was racially tense and there were many Civil Rights Activities. Therefore, this novel’s subject was quite related upon its publication.
This novel is quite a representative of the writer. The main character, Scout, is based on Lee’s own childhood, and Dill is most likely based on her childhood friend and neighbor, Truman Capote. By placing her novel in the 1930s, Lee provided her readers with a historical background for current events of the time, and in doing so she exposed the deeply rooted history of the civil rights struggle in the South.
To Kill a Mockingbird is primarily about growing up under extraordinary circumstances in the 1930s in the Southern United States. The protagonist character, Scout Finch and her brother Jem Finch is going through psychological changes in three years span in the story. One of significant change they are going through is the maturation from an innocence child into mature ones, who are more aware that even though people are basically good, they are still capable of doing evil deeds. The experience both of the children get is mainly from their father who taught them everything about life. Atticus Finch, the father, has decided to prove the innocence of a black man who is unjustly accused of rape. Because of Atticus’s sense of justice, it has leaded his child into danger, having lived in the racial community of Alabama.
The issues that Harper Lee showed in this novel are racial injustice in Alabama during the Great Depression and women feminity. Harper Lee show the racial injustice by the use of Tom Robinson character, the accused black man who eventually get injustice in the trial and murdered in the end. Women feminity is represented by four very different kinds of women: Calpurnia, Miss Maudie, Miss Stephanie, and Mrs. Dubose. Scout will face many forms of femininity as she tries to understand what it means to “be a girl.” However, the biggest theme this novel is all about is about good and evil.
To Kill a Mockingbird is a wining Pulitzer Prize in 1960, a work of literature from America. Harper Lee uses memorable characters to describe the social and political condition in segregated southern United States in 1930s. The novel is said to be autobiographical, based on Harper Lee’s own childhood. The way she can represents the idea is very extraordinary as the major theme, which is good and evil, can related to certain minor other themes, including racism, women feminity and inequality, destructed innocence supported by the historical background at the time. Voted as the “Best Novel of the Century” in a poll by the Library Journal, this novel has also credited for other numerous awards. It shows Harper Lee’s talent as a great writer, who successfully bring her own feeling and experience to the novel, which subject was quiet related upon its publication.


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