In Search of a Light, chapter 1

A girl is walking through uneven path, surrounded by huge trees. The forest is thick indeed, that everywhere she looks, there is always a tree at sight. She is trying to find a way out, not sure how can she get there.

In her search, scary and wild creatures are haunting her every steps. It was only a matter of time, which she found herself surrounded by them and overwhelmed by numbers and strength. This girl is not ready to kill and the feeling of being scared is too much that she’s only standing with tremendous shakes all over her body. Then surprisingly, another darkness creature saved her life. This beast, unexpectedly, kills them all and protected her.

No one can tell what this beast has in mind or that if this beast has mind at all. But they keep on going anyway. This girl is aware that it might be dangerous, but still, she really needs company and this beast can protect her. Its body is in fact, so big, furry and it has a strong claw as well as sharp teeth it uses to kill the other creatures.

The journey is not easy. The forest is too thick and dark, making her hard to see, especially whilst creatures of darkness haunt her. Thus, she must find the Light to guide her way. But finding this Light is not enough since she is still with the monster. She must struggle whether to kill this beast, or keep wandering the forest searching for the Light with this creature.


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