In Search of a Light, Chapter 2

One day, the beast suddenly run as it find a prey in the forest, running to chase it as his desire of meat is too unbearable. The girl feels a little bit relieved, but kind of insecure without company. Then she stumbled down and found herself in a big camp. Oddly enough, beautiful and sparkly things are all around her. A Wiseman is helping her up. This Wiseman then went to his strange altar and said some spells. There is a vision on the altar, showing some creatures scattered into pieces after he finished every spell.

She was remembered of the beast, and worried that one day he will find and kill it too.

“how did you do that, Sir?”, said the girl with a trembling voice. Smiling with such mystery, the Wiseman replied, “it was I who draw you here. And I know of your quest”. The girl was surprised as she hasn’t said about it, not a little. “How did you…”, before she finish her sentence, the Wiseman open her hand and give her some kind of necklace.

“use it and you shall find your quest at ease, child”, said the Wiseman while smiling.

“how come it might help? It’s just a necklace and I even never use one before”,

“that is an amulet which keeps you away from the dark. I know that you had company, and lucky for you that it had went away. I can’t draw you before, with this evil creature. You must use it now, and be sure that this will keep you safe”,

“if it’s safe here, then why can’t I stay?”,

“we are, what you thought never existed, have a different force from you human. Eventually, your soul can’t take our force and destroyed in a matter of time. That’s why, child, you must continue your journey and do whatever you need to do to reach it”, explained the Wiseman.

“I’m looking for a Light. Can you tell me where I can get it?”

“That question is even I can’t tell where. I know only that it would be around clear water, but I can never find its whereabouts. Just bring along my amulet and don’t forget to equip it, then be sure you’ll find it”

Time to call it a day and the girl then rest on the camp before finally went out after being blessed by the Wiseman. She uses the amulet around her neck, and felt it kind of heavy. It was probably what the Wiseman said before, the power might keep her safe, yet this strange land is never a place for a human.


to be continued…

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