In Search of Light, Chapter 3

Days and days went, and at the end of the day, she would feel so lonely without company. What she seeks for is yet to come and she must not light a fire as it would draw monsters to her. She is reminded of her so-called friend, the beast. Then, she decided to take off her amulet and keep it on her pocket. As expected, the sound of roaring beast is coming to her.

But strangely relieving, the beast that she knew is what’s coming. The beast is already known of her smell. Though this is what she done herself, she feel not sure of what she was doing. She still remembers what the Wiseman said, yet still does it anyway. On one side, the creature of darkness is kept on coming and she is protected. Yet on the other hand, she can’t bear the thought of being alone in that cold and wild forest.

The day has ended and she decided to rest. Leaning by a tree, this girl put her eyes to sleep after lighting a fire. The sound of cracking branch and dried leafs are heard, delivering her conscious into sleep. Breezing wind makes her bend like a little child she is. But no one, especially this girl, that the beast has something bothering him. It’s the power of the amulet, though kept, but still annoyed this beast. It is so anxious and its real nature is revealed. It was then, staring at the girl with such a look, a long and wild stare. Its teeth and fangs are shown in its face, dropping drools like an unbearable hunger.

The beast is going to attack her and jumped, when suddenly a very bright light shone beside the girl. The light woke her up, and the beast is repelled back. It is rather angry and going insane according nothing but instinct. It felt threatened that the girl has the amulet, whilst its natural is exposed by the power of the amulet. However, this beast is strong indeed as it has been around this amulet for a while. It can, indeed, get close enough and kill the girl.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a spear is held by the girl, appearing with light similar to the talisman. Apparently the talisman does more than just a monster’s evaders. It’s a strong weapon against monster. The beast jump to her, and this girl, though scared, knows less that she must fight. She points the tip of the silver spear to the monster and there, the beast is stabbed right in the heart. It dies right before her eyes.

She realizes there’s no hope for these monsters to accompany her to find the Light. She put on the talisman again and walks through the long winding forest, till she found a very bright light, in the middle of a lake and floating above it. All she needs to do is to swim and reach it. Bravely she jumped from the top of the cliff and reaches the middle.

That light, magically goes through the girl and get inside her around the chest. With that in hand, she calls it a day and rest. There is no more loneliness she felt, no beast she long for company, and peaceful that night as no monster is aware of her presence. The next day she walks through the forest and sighted a tiny light afar and a little sound indicates the sound of a civilization. It was quite easy to reach and after a couple of days, there she is. A massive bright light came on to her, then none.

to be continued…

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