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ImageBuild a Virtual Empire and Transform Profit into REAL Money

ANNO1777 is an on line game that can be played straight from a browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This game is an economical, political and military simulator. You will be a XVII’s citizen. Virtual money can be exchanged into real money and back and the time spent in the game can become, gradually, very profitable.

Like a real world in year XVII, you can make other player become your slave, and you can “suck” their daily income to your account. You can invite your friends too, and they will become your permanent slave. More profitable your slave, the more expensive they are, and you can sell them back to earn some money.

You can choose to become a warrior, a businessman, or president. Become a Warrior mean you can attack another country, or even defend your country from another country attack. And then withdraw some money from the country’s treasury you have defended.


Become a businessman, you can open various companies, from raw materials company like iron, wood, grape etc. to products company like cloth, weapon, transportation etc. Of course you will get profit from here, depends your skill to manage them. And if the manager position doesn’t seem for you, you can always sell your company.


Become a President, well like the real President you can set the tax country. The election here was held every month. If you have a company and you become the President you can set the tax to kill your competitor. You can set the tax to give yourself a salary as a President. You have to set the tax wisely, or next month you won’t get elected again.


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